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Conditions Treated in Farmington, Arkansas

We want to see all our patients attain and maintain a level of wellness care. This is when your body is fully healed and only needing maintenance adjustments. It is still recommended to come in for periodic adjustments to keep things running smoothly. This requires a quick visit 1-4 times per month based on your lifestyle and goals.

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Arthritis, or joint pain or joint disease, is the leading cause of disability in America. More than 50 million adults and 300,000 children are suffering from some type of arthritis. Common symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. Severe arthritis can result in chronic pain, inability to perform normal day-to-day activities, and has the potential to cause permanent joint damage.

To determine whether or not you may be suffering from arthritis or to determine the severity, your medical professional will perform blood tests and conduct an imaging scan (ie: x-ray, CAT scan or MRI). Eating healthy, staying active, and understanding your type of arthritis and treatment options are crucial to decreasing your discomfort and paving the way for an enjoyable, happy life.

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Auto Injuries

A collision can be a huge trauma to your body and mind. One of the biggest dangers lies in not getting the care and attention you need after an accident. What people don’t realize is there’s damage that’s done in an auto collision, even a low impact collision such as a fender bender.

Oftentimes they’ll feel like, “Oh yeah, I’m a bit sore and achy,” but they don’t really know what’s happened inside them. For example, if you have whiplash that is left untreated, your spine will begin to degenerate. Once degeneration sets in, there is no way to reverse it.

Common Complaints Following a Car Accident

  •  Chronic headaches
  •  Pain and spasm in the upper shoulder
  •  Numbness down your arms
  •  Whiplash
  •  An inability to focus

After an accident, we suggest that after you rule out life-threatening injuries or broken bones, you schedule a checkup at Avise Chiropractic. We can make sure there is no underlying damage that will compromise your health further down the road.

Helping to Navigate Your Recovery

It’s been our experience that for those who have never been in an accident, they really don’t know what to do, where to go or how to best manage their health care. So typically, we see that they’ll go to Urgent Care or the ER sometimes. They’ll be given a muscle relaxer, a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory and sent out the door.

These individuals are kind of like a rudderless ship in an ocean with no navigation. When Dr. Avise does get to see them, he likes to give them the ability to navigate their care and answer their questions.

More than Pain Management

While chiropractic care is extremely beneficial in alleviating pain following an auto accident it does so much more. Not only can it helps you heal faster, but it can allow you to return to your pre-injury condition. It’s about function years later, not just mitigating the pain right now.

By getting early and proper care shortly after an accident, you can avoid early-onset degeneration and osteoarthritis. When normal function has returned to you that can mitigate any chronic complications of an acute injury.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

Please bring in the accident report, your driver’s license and the information of the at-fault driver. Know that we have digital X-rays on-site, so you do not need to have these images taken before your visit.

Dr. Avise may recommend that you have acupuncture done alongside your chiropractic care. It’s our goal to make sure you heal as quickly as possible. Your recovery will depend on the nature of your accident and your injuries, typically taking 3-6 months in total.

The Appointment

During this initial appointment, we will gather pertinent paperwork information. We want to get documentation about what you’re feeling and how the accident happened. Then you can expect the following:

  • Consultation
  • Exam, including MyoVision ScanVision™ sEMG
  • Computerized range of motion
  • X-rays, if necessary
  • A palpatory evaluation
  • An adjustment if needed

Once the paperwork is completed your visit takes 40 minutes.

Subsequent Appointments

These visits range between 7-15 minutes, depending on questions you may have. Dr. Avise always will take the time to address whatever concerns you may have. “I try to give patients an opportunity to help themselves at home and in their normal activities of daily living.” He is passionate about sharing with patients any small corrections they can make to help themselves get better, not just for now, but for the long-term.


Do most people experience the effects of an accident immediately?

No, typically it’s the fourth or fifth day when people are the sorest from a collision.

Do you ever refer patients to other healthcare providers?

Yes, we have a large network of healthcare professionals that Dr. Avise refers to. These include orthopedists, neurologists, physical therapists, massage therapists and a psychologist. We can recommend the ones he believes you can benefit from seeing.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we work with all insurance companies.

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Back Pain 95 Southwinds Rd Ste 2<br />Farmington, AR 72730

Back Pain

Since back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, it is vital to know how to prevent the cause of back pain. By maintaining a healthy diet and weight, remaining active and avoiding prolonged inactivity or bed rest are all important ways to avoid back pain. Before doing exercises or any physical activity, it is recommended to warm up and/or stretch.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 95 Southwinds Rd Ste 2<br />Farmington, AR 72730

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS is a problem of the median nerve which runs from the forearm into the hand. When there is excessive pressure in the wrist, it causes swelling of the median nerve. This small area called the carpal tunnel is a narrow tunnel at the wrist made up of bones, soft tissues, nerves, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. When the median nerve which runs through this tunnel gets compressed it causes pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in the hand and wrist which radiates into the forearm. The carpal tunnel is the most common area that gets compressed in both the hands and feet.

CTS should be diagnosed and treated early. During your consultation, you will receive a standard physical examination of the hands, arms, shoulders and neck to help determine if your symptoms are related to daily activities or to an underlying disorder. Our highly skilled chiropractor will also utilize other orthopedic tests to try to produce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Laboratory tests and x-rays can reveal diabetes, arthritis, fractures, and other common causes of wrist and hand pain.

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Headaches/ Migraines

Nine out of ten Americans say that they suffer from headaches. Some of these people experience headaches frequently. Some experience constant headaches that are very painful. These can even make a person nauseous. Ninety-five percent of headaches are tension, migraine, or cluster headaches. These types of headaches are not caused from a disease, but from something in your body that is not sitting correctly.

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Knee Pain

Knee pain is increasingly becoming a more common problem in society. It is a complaint we see frequently. The most common complaint associated with knee pain is considered the normal “wear and tear.” Another ailment that affects the knee is osteoarthritis. The symptoms and progression of osteoarthritis and knee pain can be reduced through our individualized approach to chiropractic care.

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Neck Pain

The neck, also called the cervical spine, begins at the base of the skull and contains seven small vertebrae. The cervical spine supports the full weight of your head which is on average about 12 pounds. While the cervical spine can move your head in nearly every direction, this flexibility makes the neck very susceptible to pain and injury.

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Sciatica 95 Southwinds Rd Ste 2<br />Farmington, AR 72730


Sciatica is characterized by pain in the lower back that radiates down one or both legs. The pain is described as dull, achy, sharp, like “pins and needles” or similar to electric shocks. Other symptoms associated with sciatica include burning, numbness and tingling sensations. Sciatic nerve pain varies in intensity from mild to severe, and frequency may range from occasional to constant. The onset is generally gradual and not necessarily associated with a previous event. Sciatica is also known as radiating or referred pain, neuropathy, or neuralgia.

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shoulder pain 95 Southwinds Rd Ste 2<br />Farmington, AR 72730

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common condition and affects almost half of the U.S. Most patients feel some sort of pain, limited range of motion, an inability to engage in activities of daily living (ADL) or something more serious as a permanent disability.

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sports injury 95 Southwinds Rd Ste 2<br />Farmington, AR 72730

Sports Injury

Sports can be very taxing on your body, no matter what you play. Our trusted staff will work with you to get to the root of your problem and help you feel better again. We help treat and also prevent injuries in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, and ankles. We are able to manually adjust your spine, relieving any pain that you are feeling. This will allow your body to function much better after the injury.

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tmj 95 Southwinds Rd Ste 2<br />Farmington, AR 72730


TMJ is an abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint which connects the mandibular, or your lower jaw, to the temporal bones of the skull. The TMJ is one of the more unique joints within your body as it allows you to move your jaw forward, backward, and side to side so that you can chew, talk, sing, yawn, and more. This joint can be found just in front of your ears on both sides of your head.

Any problem with the muscles, ligaments, discs, bones, or the joint itself are known as temporomandibular disorders or TMD and refers to the actual disorder, where the jaw joint is misaligned and causing problems such as pain, inflammation, and inability to move or operate the jaw. However, these problems or conditions are often incorrectly called by the joint name of TMJ instead.

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According to the American Chiropractic Association, one of the most common causes of neck pain is whiplash resulting from a car accident. A sudden forced movement of the head or neck in any direction and the resulting “rebound” in the opposite direction is known as whiplash. The sudden “whipping” motion injures the surrounding and supporting tissues of the neck and head. Muscles react by tightening and contracting, creating muscle fatigue, which can result in pain and stiffness. Severe whiplash can also be associated with injury to the intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerve roots.

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Work Injuries 95 Southwinds Rd Ste 2<br />Farmington, AR 72730

Work Injuries

Workplace injuries don’t only occur during traumatic slips and falls at work but are more often than not, the result of repetitive movements, and caused by doing the physical demands required of your job over an extended period of time. These types of workplace injuries are all too common in today’s workforce and are best identified by their symptoms.

Symptoms of a workplace injury can include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Carpal tunnel and hand pain
  • Disc injuries
  • Sciatica (pain caused by the sciatic nerve in your lower back and legs)
  • Joint pain

Being examined by a chiropractor is often the first step in identifying and treating a workplace injury through non-invasive care which is why Avise Family Chiropractic conducts thorough examinations during his first session with new patients in order to better assess their injury. Since workplace injuries usually develop over time, it’s important to share all the symptoms you may be experiencing so we can identify the root cause.

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